Video: Dude’s Hair Catches Fire While He Covers “Detroit Rock City” by Kiss

The unfortunately-named arena rock cover ban Hairball have provided the world with a fantastic lesson in why one should never use too much hairspray. Or cover Kiss, for that matter.

The group was performing “Detroit Rock City” in Sioux (Not Rock) City, IA recently when their pyro set fire to guitarist/vocalist Bobby Jensen’s hair… while Jensen was dressed as Paul Stanley, no less.

Luckily, one of Jensen’s bandmates was able to put out the flame quickly. And Jensen, for his part, never even seemed to notice that anything was awry — he didn’t stop playing for even a second.

In other words, you can watch this video of the incident and laugh at Jensen without feeling guilty. So here, have a few yuks on this poor schmuck:

Source: When the Guitar Performance Is on Fire by ViralHog

[via Classic Rock]