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The Clay People releasing new LP this month

Acclaimed alt-metal/heavy rock act The Clay People return with the much-anticipated release of their new album Demon Hero and Other Extraordinary Phantasmagoric Anomalies & Fables on September 28.

The band, which has taken many forms over the years and experimented with numerous styles and sounds, are ecstatic to drop the new 11-song album, which singer Dan Neet describes as, “capturing us at a creative peak that was forged from what was, at times, a tenuous, cathartic and finally unifying recording process that reinvigorated and focused the band.”

Debut single “Illuminatus” is being pre-released and accompanied by a lyric video which can be seen here:

The riveting new release exposes lead singer Neet’s battles with depression, mania, fear, paranoia and addiction through his recognizable baritone, backed by Guitarist Brian McGarvey’s’ slithering leads and Drummer Dan Dinsmore’s thunderous precision.

The record captures the band at its best, navigating what Neet has previously described as “finding common ground” between electronic acts like The Chemical Brothers and the dark exploration of bands like Tool.

Never afraid to take on controversial issues, Demon Hero… calls out the corrupting influence of modern politics, the silver tongue of the modern demagogue, the ills of groupthink and the band’s experience with the music industry.

The Clay People also called in extended members of its musical family to contribute to Demon Hero, with Chris Wyse (Hollywood Vampires, Ace Frehley, The Cult, OWL) contributing bass to the band’s reinterpretation of fan favorite “Strange Day” and “genRX.” Walter Flakus of Stabbing Westward and one-time Clay People member contributed keys, and programmer Wade Alin, who appeared on the band’s self-titled release, returns here as well.

Demon Hero… was recorded at OverIt Studios in Albany, NY.