Slow Down With BEASTWARS’ New Song “Omens”

New Zealand-based sludge unit Beastwars will return this June with a new record titled IV. The record is a special one for Beastwars, as it follows vocalist Matt Hyde’s recovery from Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Shaped by Hyde’s recent experiences through his diagnosis and subsequent treatment, he was given an opportunity to look into the abyss, beyond life as we know it. “Throughout the treatment I was numb,” he explains. “It’s interesting to have the ability to confront that, to confront the void, to confront the idea of mortality. I didn’t make peace with it either.”

The experience and loneliness in isolation of treatment gave Hyde plenty to consider. Life, friendships and relationships, especially with his then ten-year-old daughter resulted in a record that leaves nothing unsaid. “I was lucky that I had music to express what had happened to me,” Hyde says. “A lot of people don’t have that. I was very lucky that we could make a record. I took the time to process it and turned it into something else.”

The band’s new song “Omens” is a sludgy, crushing track that is also a very welcome return from the band. Plus, we wish Hyde all the best in his continued recovery and we’re really looking to IV! Check out “Omens” below, pre-order the record here and catch the band on their coming tour of Australia and New Zealand.

6/28 – San Fran Wellington
6/29 – Galatos – Auckland
7/5 – Blue Smoke – Christchurch (w/ Witchskull)
7/6 – The Cook – Dunedin (w/ Witchskull)
7/11 – Crowbar – Sydney (w/ Potion)
7/12 – The Gershwin Room – Melbourne (w/ Dr. Colossus + Droid)
7/13 – Dead of Winter Festival – Brisbane (w/ Witchskull)

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