SECT bassist breaks leg while skateboarding

SECT bassist Steve Hart has broken his leg during a skateboarding accident. The band took to social media for the following message and image:

“Sadly, our bassist @toooldtoskatepunx, true to his name, suffered a hell of a broken leg while skateboarding. He’s now the proud owner, much like our guitarist Scott, of a titanium rod in his lower leg. Be careful out there, kids!! #stageright #xtitaniumx #titaniumbrothers #sectxvx”

Steve Hart wrote a message of his own and posted the following photo:

“Welp, finally, after a zillion years of skateboarding, with no broken bones, I broke the shit out of my leg. I wasn’t even doing anything cool. Some kid rolled in on me as I was carving around Greenfield. Basically smashing the shit out of my leg. #thankyouskateboarding”

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