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RODENT EPOCH premiere new track “Rodentlord”

Today, Finnish black metal upstarts Rodent Epoch premiere the new track “Rodentlord” at heavily trafficked web-portal The track hails from the band’s striking debut album, Rodentlord, set for international release on October 12th via Saturnal Records. An exquisitely nasty work, Rodentlord proves that the filth & fury for which Finnish black metal has become renown in this millennium is far from dead. In fact, it’s UNDEAD, and Rodent Epoch are here to exhume the sound and bring forth their own epoch. Hear Rodent Epoch’s “Rodentlord” in its entirety exclusively HERE:

Rodent Epoch was founded in 2009 in Oulu, Finland. Upon the band’s formation, the primary influences fueling their filth & fury became darkness, sickness, cosmos, war, death, intoxication, psychedelia, horror, metal of all kinds – be it black, death, thrash, or doom – punk and rock ‘n’ roll. Suitably armed, Rodent Epoch proceeded to release their debut demo, EOR, in 2011, with the Hellbastard EP arriving a year later, both laying bare the band’s crude ‘n’ rude aesthetic.

Now arrives Rodentlord, which is a journey cathartic sweat: Rodent Epoch murder your ego and reveal your filthy animal host. Cosmic (un-) learning, noise worship, blood, fire, demons, trance and psychosis…all this and plenty more filth goes into the paradigmatic Finnish black metal lustily unleashed across Rodentlord’s 45-minute runtime. Yet, compared to many of their contemporaries both past and especially present, there’s a distinctly punkish and daresay-rockin’ thrust to Rodent Epoch. Their eight animalistic hymns sing thus:


Piss on purple candles, burn the robe… Come to me and my companions, come to the obscure dominions. We drugged the planet. Welcome to the mayhem, Me and You…
Molten black metal is already pouring down the tower walls. The monster awakens. WAKE UP! Necroseer, wake up! Necroseer, pure guts, pure man…


The gutters explode, and your funeral has arrived. Its name is Rodentlord, and its vessels are the arrogant bastards of Rodent Epoch. Herald the Epoch’s arrival with the new track “Rodentlord” exclusively HERE, courtesy of Also herald with the previously revealed track “High on Hades” HERE at at Saturnal Records’ official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Rodent Epoch’s Rodentlord
1. High On Hades
2. Rodent Lord
3. Cult Of Mission
4. Mayhem In the Courtyard Of God
5. Red Heavens
6. Twisted Covenant
7. Nemesis Necro
8. Funeral Master