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Racetraitor Releases “The Cult of Eschatology” Single

RACETRAITOR has released a second new single called “The Cult of Eschatology” today exclusively via METALSUCKS from their all-new LP coming out next month: — video is also embedded below:

“With ‘Cult of Eschatology’ we wanted to address the racist way the US talks about the high levels of violence in cities like Chicago,” says bassist R. Brent Decker. “The entire framing of the issue and the policies that are adopted serve white supremacy. Words like ‘criminal,’ ‘offender,’ and ‘victim’ are all euphemisms to get politicians elected and shovel more money to a ‘prison and policing industrial complex.'”

“Nothing is really about solutions, violence reduction, or real people. The criminal justice system we have is just rooted in the ideologies of punishment which destroys countless lives, decimates communities, and strengthens corporate interests. Living and working in Chicago, this is all stuff we have seen first hand and it needs to be abolished.”‚Äč

RACETRAITOR released a music video for “BLK XMAS” a few weeks ago Revolver Magazine. Directed by the band with animation and Visual Effects by Ashref Lassoued, it was the first bit of music the band has released in over a year.

Both “The Cult of Eschatology” and “BLK XMAS” are available on all streaming services today and as iTunes instant grat tracks. All pre-orders are available today as well.

Racetraitor will release 2042 on October 12, 2018, via Good Fight Music. This will only be the band’s second official full length in 20 years, with the first being the release of now cult classic Burn The Idol of the White Messiah in 1998 which the band is now rereleasing. It will be available both digitally and on vinyl with three additional tracks not found on the original version.

Mostofi addresses the thought process behind the album name: “the name of the record refers to the date the US is predicted to become a majority-minority country.’ 2042′ explores different sides of the racist fear and the far right attack on the concept of a majority-minority America. It hits on everything from Trump, the far right media, to xenophobia and Islamophobia.”

2042 features the full lineup that recorded Burn The Idol of the White Messiah, (Mani Mostofi, R. Brent Decker, Dan Binaei and Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy and Sect). It also includes the addition of Andrea Black from the now defunct metal act Howl.