POSSESSED Announce First New Album Since 1986 With New Song “No More Room In Hell”

Possessed broke up about one year after they released their 1986 record Beyond The Gates, reunited between 1990 and 1993, and then resurrected permanently again in 2007. Now for the first time since Beyond The Gates, Possessed has announced a new album called Revelations Of Oblivion. The record will drop on May 10 and you can stream the debut single “No More Room In Hell” below.

Possessed is currently original vocalist Jeff Becerra alongside a lineup that joined between 2007 and 2016. They are guitarists Claudeous Creamer (From Hell, Mucus Membrane) and Daniel Gonzalez (Gruesome), bassist Robert Cardenas (Coffin Texts, ex-Malice) and drummer Emilio Marquez (Asesino, Coffin Texts).

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