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After 4 years of writing and recording and delay due to the tragic loss of their bassist René Marquis, German doom band Owl has finally released their highly anticipated 3rd album, Nights In Distortion, with Temple of Torturous Records.

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Owl’s (Germany) founder and primary songwriter Christian Kolf, who’s also a member of the critically renowned metal band Valborg (Prophecy Productions) and founder of the label Zeitgeister, created the band in the mid-2000’s as a necessity to further explore and challenge his musical creativity. What began as a death metal project has evolved over the years, incorporating Kolf’s eclectic tastes and influences that’s resulted in an amalgam of death and doom that conjures memories of Type O Negative, Jesu, Neurosis, Anathema and Meshuggah among others.

“As it is with everything Kolf and/or Zeitgeister related, Owl transcends the bizarre through an atmospheric milieu — strange sounds and odd harmonies clash and meld into a monolithic presence.” –

“a six-track juggernaut that at times resembles Type O Negative and early Paradise Lost plus some of the masterful atonal riffing that Gorguts perfected.” –

“this is the third time in about 18 months when a Zeitgeister family band has managed to put out their
best work to date.” –

“”Nights In Distortion” is one of the most intense albums in recent times” –

“It’s hard not to get sucked into the thick atmosphere and intense peaks of this material, and fans of just about any type of doom should find this to be one of the year’s highlights.” –

“it’s been a while since an album has touched me so deeply at first listen as the new Owl’s record “Nights in Distortion”. Deep, profound, SAD, glorious!” –