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NIGHTMARER stream guitar playthrough for “Stahlwald”

Simon Hawemann, guitarist for the international extreme metal collective NIGHTMARER (featuring current and ex members of THE OCEAN, WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH, GIGAN, and more) has revealed a new guitar playthrough video for the track titled “Stahwald”. The playthrough video is streaming above.

“Stahwald” comes off NIGHTMARER’s debut full length, ‘Cacophony of Terror’. On ‘Cacophony of Terror’ NIGHTMARER deploy a harsh and unrelenting battery of dissonant death. The international trio’s state-of-the-art extremity is as nuanced and articulate as it is intense. NIGHTMARER is a band on the rise, and ‘Cacophony of Terror’ a truly great album of world-class, modern death metal. ‘Cacophony of Terror’ is streaming here:

Track list
1. The Descent
2. Stahlwald
3. Skinner
4. Bleach
5. Cave Digger
6. Fetisch
7. Tidal Waves of Terror
8. Ceremony of Control
9. Death
10. Swansong

Seemingly out of nowhere, NIGHTMARER made an explosive impact on the extreme metal underground with their 2016 debut EP ‘Chasm’. This furious whirlwind of low end dissonance, devastating heaviness and majestic walls of sound took the scene by storm and the first vinyl pressing almost sold out immediately.

John Collett (ex-GIGAN, ex-SWWAATS): vocals
Simon Hawemann (ex-WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH): all guitars