New NUMENOREAN Song Mesmerizes You with Monumental Riffage, Leaving You In A “Coma”

Numenorean is a band you will be hearing a lot about in the future. Hailing from Alberta, Canada the group is a mesmerizing machine of grooves and beautiful passages that paints a portrait of their winter-esque surroundings. They already have a tremendous debut under their belt, titled Home, and are back to bring you another dose of their snowy blues.

The upcoming album, Adore, once again captures their melodic but heavily groovy madness that tips the scale between bands like Mgla and Gojira at times. I’m stoked to bring you the second track off the album, a monster effort called “Coma” which you can play below.

Pre-order Numenorean’s forthcoming album, Adore, available April 12th via Season Of Mist.

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