Metal By Numbers 5/15: Amon Amarth go berserk

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.
Do you have any idea how many times I’ve had to go back and make sure I didn’t spell “Berserker” with a “z”? A lot. Putting the good ol’ B.A. in English to good use. Anywho, we only got partial charts information this week, so the column is going to look a little skimpier than usual (no chart positions, some bands missing, etc.). But hey, most of you probably came in here for Amon Amarth anyway, so at least you’re getting that front and center.
Notable Debuts:
12,000 sold
Amon Amarth earned a solid debut with album eleven, though it wasn’t as much as their previous album.
9,000 sold
This is the band’s seventeenth album and their first in six years.
1,000 sold
This the band’s second album.
This is the band’s eighth album.
This is the band’s first album in 20 years.
This is the Swedish band’s second album.
Myrath, Shehili (EarMusic)
This is the band’s fifth album.
Possessed have returned with their first studio album since 1986.
Jonathan Young, Villains (Self-Released)
Jonathan Young is best known for metal covers of Disney songs on Youtube.
This is the band’s eighth album.
Phil X is best known as the current lead guitarist for Bon Jovi.
Notable Sales:
6,800 sold
According to Brian May, Queen have allegedly not made any money from Bohemain Rhapsody.
Disturbed, Evolution (Warner Bros.)
3,600 sold
This drops a bit after last week’s huge boost.
1,700 sold
Looks like the band’s got a fall tour coming so I hope you’re not too sick of them.
I Prevail, Trauma (Fearless)
1,500 sold
Just under 30,000 sold.
1,100 sold
A drop of 75% in week two.
Nearly 165,000 sold.
Nearly 7,500 sold.

Just under 190,000 sold.

Godsmack, Icon (Republic)
27,000 sold.
A 73% second week drop.
Reading the one-star review of this on iTunes is hilarious. People seem to miss the “drone” part of drone metal.

The drummer on this album is Paulo Baldi, formerly of the band CAKE.

Almost 8,500 sold.
A 72% second week drop.
37,000 sold.
This sold about the same as last week.
A 66% drop in week two.
2,6000 sold.

Just under 3,000 sold.
Enforcer, Zenith (Nuclear Blast)
A 35% drop.
Over 5,000 sold.
A 64% second week drop.
Also a 64% drop.

Over 3,200 sold.
Hardline, Life (Frontiers)
An 83% second week drop.