Metal By Numbers 5/1: After The Burial take the top spot

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.
Last week, we saw a lot of new albums pop up thanks to Record Store Day. Most of those albums usually drop off the week after since they’re RSD exclusives. This week, there’s a lot of re-entries, though it’s not necessarily because the album got a boost in sales; it’s just filling in the spot left behind by the RSD releases. These are the weird trends you notice after looking at record sales for however many years.
Notable Debuts:
5,200 sold
2,000 sold
This is the thirteenth original solo album from the Dream Theater keyboardist.
This is the band’s fourth studio album.
Dead to a Dying World, Elegy (Profound Lore)
This is the band’s third album.
This is the band’s third album, their first in almost 25 years.
This is the band’s ninth studio album.
Alpha Wolf, Fault (SharpTone)
This is the band’s third EP.
This EP is the band’s first release.
I’m guessing this was a RSD release of some sort.
Notable Sales:
#11 (from 7)
6,950 sold
A 29% drop.
#43 (from 58)
2,500 sold
A 22% drop.
#48 (from 81)
2,125 sold
A 7% drop.
I Prevail, Trauma (Fearless)
#59 (from 84)
1,775 sold
A 19% drop.
Disturbed, Evolution(Warner Bros.)
#81 (from 146)
1,350 sold
This sold about the same as last week.
#128 (re-entry)
This keeps dropping off/getting boosted up.
Devin Townsend, Empath (InsideOut)
#130 (re-entry)
This got boosted back up by 40%.
Godsmack, Icon (Republic)
#131 (re-entry)
Another re-entry.

The Claypool Lennon Delirium, South Of Reality(ATO)
#133 (from 160)
820 sold

Just under 20,000 sold.
#144 (re-entry)
Like I said, lots of re-entries.
#147 (from 150)
A 45% drop.
#148 (re-entry)
A 23% drop despite re-entry.
#155 (re-entry)
A 9% boost back up.
#158 (re-entry)

Just under 30,000 sold.
#165 (from 59)
A second week 80% drop.
#171 (re-entry)
Most of these re-entries actually dropped in sales this week.
#172 (re-entry)
Another re-entry isn’t shocking at this point.
#193 (re-entry)
This actually dropped 21%.
Debut #200
A second week drop of 88%.
A 6% boost.

A second week drop of 85%.
This EP actually came out in March and is just now popping up.
A 31% boost back up.
A 43% drop.
A 43% boost.
A 5% drop.
A 55% drop.
This popped up again despite dropping 9%.
A 90% drop in week two.
A 44% drop.

A small boost of 5% back up.