Metal By Numbers 3/6: Dream Theater go the distance

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.
I’ve been sitting here the last few minutes trying to write an opening paragraph that isn’t just about how much I enjoy the new Dream Theater album, but I’m just so happy I actually like it. Last year, a few bands I love put out albums that I thought were just okay. Not good, not bad. I didn’t want to feel that way about DT’s new album, especially after loving 2016’s The Astonishing so much. I’m happy to say this is an early favorite for 2019. There’s other good bands with new releases listed below I haven’t checked out yet. Overkill’s next on the list.
Notable Debuts:
19,575 sold
Dream Theater’s fourteenth album didn’t sell as much as its predecessor, but it did chart in the top 5.
6,275 sold
Attila, Villain (Attila Music LLC)
3,350 sold
2,050 sold
Candlemass’s twelfth album is its first in seven years.
Last In Line, II (Frontiers)
2,050 sold
1,350 sold
This the band’s third EP.
Debut #130
The band’s previous release came out in 2011 but was actually recorded in 1994, so this is the band’s first studio recording in 25 years.
Debut #132
This supergroup includes Tim “Ripper” Owens and Testament’s Steve DiGiorgio.
This is the band’s second album.
This is the band’s twelfth studio album.
This is the band’s second album.
Notable Sales:
#3 (from 1)
31,025 sold
A 5% boost.
#31 (from 24)
3,700 sold
A 13% drop.
Disturbed, Evolution(Warner Bros.)
#34 (from 31)
3,500 sold
A 5% boost.

Shinedown, Attention Attention (Atlantic)
#67 (from 92)
1,900 sold

A 35% boost.

Five Finger Death Punch, A Decade Of Destruction(Prospect Park)
#95 (from 119)
1,300 sold

A 32% boost with over 180,000 sold.

Godsmack, Icon(Republic)
#129 (from 191)
970 sold

A big 66% boost.

Five Finger Death Punch, And Justice For None (Prospect Park)
#131 (from 128)
940 sold

A slight boost of 8%.

Bring Me The Horizon, amo (RCA/Sony)
#142 (from 118)
A 16% drop.

#144 (from 178)
You can trust a 24% boost

#146 (from 136)
A drop of 4%.

#160 (from 131)
A 12% drop.
Avantasia, Moonglow (Nuclear Blast)
#167 (from 40)
A 74% drop in week two.

Within Temptation, Resist (Vertigo/Spinefarm)
#180 (from 156)
A 14% drop.
Breaking Benjamin, Ember (Hollywood)
#181 (re-entry)

This got boosted back up by 24%.
#196 (from 155)
A 19% drop.
#197 (from 153)
A 21% drop.

Ghost, Prequelle (Loma Vista)
#198 (from 171)
570 sold

A 14% drop.

A 58% drop in week two.
A 15% drop.
A 52% drop.
Built for a 44% boost.
Crystal Lake, Helix (SharpTone)
A second week 86% drop.
This got a whopping 87% boost back up.
A 30% boost.
A 8% drop.
A 21% drop.
This sold about the same as last week.