Metal By Numbers 3/27: Fallujah light the way

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.
So you couldn’t get Metallica tickets, huh? Yeah, me neither. Not because of bots but because I don’t have the time or money to fly my ass across the country to see this thing. I remember when I was in high school and some friends thought S&M was lame. So I whipped up the golden comeback of “No, you’re lame” and listened to it anyway. Good on you if you manage to get yourself there though. Meanwhile, there’s not much going on over here in chart land. The month will finish out with Megadeth, Devin Townsend, and Whitechapel as far as big names go and then the next two months will bring a whole slew of albums I’m excited to hear.
Notable Debuts:
Debut #126

Debut #141

This is the UK band’s second studio album.
Debut #177

This is the band’s third album.
This is the band’s third full-length.
This is the Chicago band’s fourth album. Also, I decided to listen to it on a whim and it’s pretty damn good.
Waster, Waster (Self-Released)
This is the band’s third album.
Notable Sales:
#3 (from 6)
11,000 sold
A 11% drop. Also, the film is being released in China but with all references to Freddie Mercury’s bisexuality removed.
#29 (from 25)
3,200 sold
A drop of 19%.
#46 (from 3)
2,175 sold
A 90% drop in week two isn’t that shocking.

Greta Van Fleet, From the Fires EP (Lava)
#58 (from 50)
1,925 sold

A 21% drop with just under 275,000 sold.
#59 (from 36)
1,850 sold
A 40% drop with just under 30,000 sold.

Disturbed, Evolution(Warner Bros.)
#64 (from 51)
1,750 sold
A 28% drop.
Queensrÿche, The Verdict (Century Media)
#79 (from 44)
1,550 sold
A 41% drop.

The Claypool Lennon Delirium, South Of Reality(ATO)
#104 (from 46)
1,200 sold

A 53% drop.

Five Finger Death Punch, A Decade Of Destruction(Prospect Park)
#107 (from 111)
1,160 sold

Not much change from last week.

#110 (from 82)
1,100 sold
A 34% drop.

Godsmack, Icon (Republic)
#117 (from 176)
1,000 sold

A big 53% boost.

#128 (from 165)
A 29% boost.
Breaking Benjamin, Ember (Hollywood)
#144 (from 133)

A 15% drop. Just under 165,000 sold.
Children Of Bodom, Hexed (Nuclear Blast)
#146 (from 34)
A 77% drop in week two.
#151 (from 47)
A second week 71% drop.

A 6% drop.
#180 (from 173)

Memphis May Fire, Broken (Rise)
#191 (re-entry)
This got a big boost back up.
Demon Hunter, War (Solid State)
#196 (from 128)
A 45% drop.
Bring Me The Horizon, amo (RCA/Sony)
#197 (from 190)
A 6% drop.
A 43% drop.
A 9% drop.
A 6% drop.
Týr, Hel (Metal Blade)
A 77% drop in week two.
A 79% second week drop.
Last In Line, II (Frontiers)
A 30% drop.
A 38% drop.
A 51% drop.
Hey, it’s been a minute since we’ve seen King Gizzard on here! Boosted up by 17%.
A 5% drop.
A 20% drop.
A 95% drop in week two.
This crept back up after an enormous 179% boost, possibly thanks to the band’s trek with Breaking Benjamin.