Metal By Numbers 3/20: Tesla make a shocking debut

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.
Man, I remember a mere a few weeks ago I was breezing through this column. Now so many albums have been added. Either that or I’m just slow and haven’t had enough caffeine. Either way, got a good list of new stuff and a few albums that have popped up again after an absence (more Behemoth anyone?). I went ahead and decided to give the new Týr a listen as I’ve only listened to one or two songs of theirs before and it’s pretty good so far. Oh, and the new Amon Amarth rips. So I guess I’m just all Nordic up in here today.
Notable Debuts:
21,750 sold
Tesla’s ninth album did even better than their 2014 release.
Children Of Bodom, Hexed (Nuclear Blast)
3,350 sold
Bodom’s tenth album didn’t sell as much as its predecessor but it charted higher.
3,000 sold
This is the band’s fifth studio album.
2,525 sold
Týr, Hel (Metal Blade)
1,550 sold
1,425 sold
Debut #150

This is the hardcore band’s debut album.
This is the band’s second studio album.
This is the band’s debut album.
Notable Sales:
#6 (from 4)
12,375 sold
A 25% drop.
#25 (from 32)
3,925 sold
An 18% boost.
#36 (from 20)
3,050 sold
A 43% drop.
Queensrÿche, The Verdict (Century Media)
#44 (from 14)
2,600 sold
A 68% drop in week two.

The Claypool Lennon Delirium, South Of Reality(ATO)
#46 (from 54)
2,550 sold

A slight boost of 2%.

Disturbed, Evolution(Warner Bros.)
#51 (from 42)
2,400 sold
A 17% drop.

#69 (re-entry)
1,850 sold
This has re-appeared on the charts, having dropped off sometime last November.

Shinedown, Attention Attention (Atlantic)
#73 (from 72)
1,800 sold

A 2% drop

#82 (from 17)
1,675 sold
A 74% drop in week two.
#100 (from 120)
1,300 sold
This continues to climb back up the charts with a 22% boost.
Demon Hunter, War (Solid State)
#128 (from 7)
This took a second week 92% drop.

Five Finger Death Punch, And Justice For None (Prospect Park)
#132 (from 127)
930 sold

A 8% drop with over 180,000 sold.

Breaking Benjamin, Ember (Hollywood)
#133 (from 123)

A 13% drop.
Demon Hunter, Peace (Solid State)
#136 (from 8)
This also took a second week 92% drop.
Mark Morton, Anesthetic (Spinefarm)
#144 (from 22)
A 81% second week drop.
A 51% drop.
#165 (from 149)
A 16% drop.

The Smashing Pumpkins, SHINY AND OH SO BRIGHT, VOL. 1 / LP: NO PAST. NO FUTURE. NO SUN (Napalm)
Debut #172
680 sold

This got an enormous 220% boost back up the charts.

#173 (from 163)
A 13% drop. Also, out of curiosity I looked up the track list for this to see how it compares to the dozens of other KISS compilations and all I can say is…really? This is selection you’re picking to coincide with your farewell tour? No “God of Thunder”, “Cold Gin”, “Black Diamond”, not even “Strutter”? Lame.

Ghost, Prequelle (Loma Vista)
#175 (from 186)
660 sold

A 2% drop. Anyone else ready for a new Ghost EP?

Godsmack, Icon(Republic)
#176 (from 137)
660 sold

A 29% drop.

#183 (re-entry)
This got a 6% boost back up.

Bring Me The Horizon, amo (RCA/Sony)
#190 (from 188)
A 12% drop.
#196 (re-entry)
A 4% boost back up.
Within Temptation, Resist (Vertigo/Spinefarm)
#200 (re-entry)
This reappears with over 10,000 sold.
A 16% drop.
Popularity continues with a 4% boost.
A second week 64% drop
Last In Line, II(Frontiers)
A 52% drop.
A boost of 8% is what you want.
While She Sleeps, So What? (Spinefarm)
A 82% drop in week two.
A 46% drop.
A 15% drop.
A 5% drop.
A 5% drop.
A 29% drop.