Metal By Numbers 1/16: Searching for a band of gold

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.
Things still haven’t quite taken off yet in the debut department here at MBN, but here’s a fun tidbit you may have heard about from another news source: the top album on the Billboard 200 is Hoodie SZN by rapper A Boogie Wit da Hoodie. Now, I don’t expect any of you to know who the hell that is, but what’s intriguing is that Mr. Hoodie’s newest album, now on its 3rd week, has topped the Billboard with only 823 albums sold for the week. How did he top it with such a low number? Because when you factor in over 83 million streams, the album sold equivalent to over 58,000 units. So if you were wondering about streamings affect on the music industry lately, there’s something to think about.
Notable Debuts:
This is the latest album from the former Kyuss vocalist.
This is the band’s seventh album and first in five years.
Notable Sales:
#6 (from 12)
7,400 sold
This will hit the 200,000 mark next week.
Disturbed, Evolution(Warner Bros.)
#17 (from 20)
4,400 sold
Just under 150,000 sold.
#18 (from 16)
Over 170,000 sold.
#59 (from 83)
1,800 sold
A boost of 13%.
#72 (from 82)
1,475 sold
A 8% drop.
#76 (re-entry)
1,325 sold
Despite the band’s latest tour being cancelled, fans are still having a blast with the new album.

Five Finger Death Punch, A Decade Of Destruction(Prospect Park)
#93 (from 108)
1,075 sold

This album and the above album have sold roughly the same total number of albums, despite coming out six months apart.

Godsmack, Icon (Republic)
#100 (from 110)
1,025 sold

A 16% drop.

Ghost, Prequelle (Loma Vista)
#108 (from 100)
990 sold

Just under 120,000 sold.

Alice In Chains, Rainier Fog (BMG)
#126 (from 132)
840 sold

Just under 60,000 sold.

Chris Cornell, Chris Cornell (Deluxe) (UMe)
#144 (re-entry)
710 sold

A 33% boost back up.

Halestorm, Vicious (Atlantic)
#145 (from 142)
710 sold

Over 60,000 sold.

A Perfect Circle, Eat The Elephant (BMG)
#155 (from 150)
650 sold

Just under 120,000 sold.

Bad Wolves, Disobey (Eleven Seven)
#162 (from 170)
630 sold

A 20% drop.

Breaking Benjamin, Ember (Hollywood)
#176 (from 176)
560 sold
This stays at the same rank despite a 27% drop.
A 17% drop.
A 28% drop.
A 29% drop.
A 95% second week drop.
A drop of 14%.
A 39% boost.
A 24% drop.
This sold the same amount as last week.
A boost of 19%.
Over 10,000 sold.
Alien Weaponry,  (Napalm Records)
A 6% boost.
A 15% boost.
A 42% drop.
A 15% drop.
A 7% drop.
Amaranthe, Helix (Spinefarm)
110 sold
A 17% drop.