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Jubilo Drive Release New Single “All U Can Eat”

Los Angeles-based band Jubilo Drive have released their new single “All U Can Eat” featuring Andrew Martin of Moon Honey which premiered today at Atwood Magazine and is available to share at Soundcloud, Spotify or Apple Music. You can also stream the track at the end of this post.

About the song Atwood Magazine says, “With its percussive pulse and driving sense of urgency, “All U Can Eat” is the kind of hyperactive song that sends the heart into double-time. Jubilo Drive challenge us to breathe as they overflow their own music with sounds, creating exactly the sort of cataclysmic chaos they’re denouncing so cheekily, but earnestly, in song. One gets the sense that this band is too smart for its own good, and truth be told, we’d rather they be this way than the alternative. Once you listen to this song a few times, you come to realize just how ridiculous some of today’s culture really is.” The band adds, “Born in a guitar pedal concoction, ‘All U Can Eat’ is a tongue-in-cheek anthem that looks at the role of consumerism and the idolization of money in American and global culture. Black Friday and game shows, sweepstakes and meet & greets, are among the symptoms of the material mirage. We were lucky to have one of our favorite local guitarists, Andrew Martin of Moon Honey, contribute to the song. The feature came after a demo swap between Andrew and our frontman Jordan H. Kleinman.”

Last month the band released the single and video for “Look Around.” Buzzbands LA says, “Produced by the band and mixed and mastered by Shadrow, the avant-pop rocker is full of layered guitars, synths and drums driving the song forward like a locomotive while Kleinman’s earnest melody steers the direction of the train. The song’s hopeful and wistful instrumentation and the vintage footage of the video (directed by Kuckens) featuring happy children and adults convey a longing for past memories, belying the hopelessness, sadness and regret revealed in the lyrics.” The release followed up Jubilo Drive’s single “Thursday Night Taxi Service” which premiered at All Things Go and the song can be shared at Spotify or Soundcloud. About the song All Things Go says, “’Thursday Night Taxi Service,’ bears somber roots that reach into the positive network of one’s soul and channels the euphoria of zoning out to a perfectly tuned radio. Grief and mournful tones underline the message, however, as the band work to carry on after the loss of their original drummer Eric Cruz to a fatal car accident. Together, the surviving members bring catharsis with hopeful lyricism and chillingly warm atmosphere of the music itself. “Thursday Night Taxi Service” is out now via Caffeine Intellect and available to order / stream at Bandcamp.
Jubilo Drive is an avant-pop quintet which draws influences from a variety of experimental music genres, the group blends it all into a lush sonic landscape. The dynamic sound offers something for listeners and production aficionados alike.

Originally formed in 2012, the band recently released a trio of singles — the krautrock and synth-punk inspired “Off Satellites,” the atmospheric “Thursday Night Taxi Service” and the driving “Look Around.” Jubilo Drive made its triumphant return to the stage in May, playing a memorial show in honor of the band’s original drummer, Eric Cruz, who passed away in 2017.

Jubilo Drive consists of Jordan H. Kleinman (vocals/ guitar), Henry Kuckens (guitar), Aaron Shadrow (keys), Kalyn Beach (bass) and Jacob Lauing (drums). “Off Satellites,” “Thursday Night Taxi Service” and “Look Around” are available now for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.