HARAM’s New Song “(الحل (المقاومة The Solution (Is Resistance)” Is A Hardcore Ripper

Adult Swim Singles has been pretty doing a damn fine job over the years of putting out great rock and metal music. This year’s lineup includes a band called Haram, who I personally didn’t know about before this. The band’s new song “(الحل (المقاومة The Solution (Is Resistance)” is the gap between their 2017 record When You Have Won, You Have Lost and a coming EP in April, and it rips. It’s fuzzy, dirty hardcore that demands to be listened to loud.

Here’s Adult Swim’s summation of the track, as well as the track itself.

Adult Swim Singles have teamed with NYC-based experimental hardcore group Haram to offer up the 24th installment of the current program. Taking their name from the Arabic word for “forbidden,” the quartet’s seething punk features vocals performed entirely in Arabic by Lebanese-American frontman Nader Haram. The new single “(الحل (المقاومة The Solution (Is Resistance)” is the band’s first release since their widely-praised 2017 LP When You Have Won, You Have Lost and precedes an EP on Toxic State Records due in April.

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