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FLAGELADÖR set release date for new album, reveal first track

Today, Helldprod Records announces November 2nd as the international release date for Flageladör’s highly anticipated fourth album, Predileção Pelo Macabro, on CD and cassette tape formats.

Originally formed in 2000, Flageladör are one of the bands responsible for the speed/thrash metal rebirth in Brazil within the recent metal generation. After releasing three albums, extended touring through Brazil and also Portugal, Flageladör return with a new studio record entitled Predileção Pelo Macabro.

What can you expect from this new opus? Well, 10 new songs of plain raw and uncompromised metal will burst your head according to the old-school scriptures, when headbangers raised their fists, lifted their left-hand horns, drank beer, and shook up the classic pillars of heavy metal. Be sure to catch the flaming metallic lava from this tropical volcano, because it’s destined to unleash hell!

Predileção Pelo Macabro will be released by Vënënö Sönörö Rëcörds and Hell Music in Brazil and by Helldprod Records in all other territories. In the meantime, Flageladör is preparing a new touring season in order to promote this new album. Bang or die!

Begin banging (and dying) with the new track “Terror Pós-Atômico” via Helldprod’s Soundcloud:

Preorder info can be found HERE: Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Flageladör’s Predileção Pelo Macabro:

1. Entre o Martelo e a Bigorna
2. Nas Minhas Veias Corre Fogo
3. Máxima Voltagem
4. Terror Pós-Atômico
5. Queimando nas Chamas do Heavy Metal
6. Micromega
7. Eternamente Cinza
8. Predileção Pelo Macabro
9. O Infiel
10. M.A.F. (Morte Aos Fachos)*
* European edition exclusive song