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DOMKRAFT streams new single “The Watchers”

Majestic, annihilating, reductive and roaring, DOMKRAFT, whose name combines the Swedish “DOM” for judgement and “KRAFT” for power, is a strong contender to dominate a style some are calling the New Wave of Swedish Doom Metal.

Catchy genre names aside, the band’s new album FLOOD is a devastating achievement, merging blackwater tributaries from Neurois, YOB, Cough and Sleep into an all-encompassing torrent of nothingness and resignation, but in the grooviest, most engrossing possible way.

Wielding a mindbending soundscape of obeliskian riff-majesty, DOMKRAFT discharge layer upon layer of crushing fury, weaving through the wormhole punctures of spacetime in defiance of beginnings and endings.

If debut album THE END OF ELECTRICITY (Magnetic Eye Records, 2016) was the soundtrack to the impending apocalypse, then follow-up FLOOD provides the musical backdrop to Armageddon in full, The Purge-style swing.

Of first single, “The Watchers,” Metal Injection says:

“Domkraft is a lot like what Neurosis would sound like if they attempted to be Sleep in the early 2000s… [“The Watchers”] is the type of song you can absolutely lose yourself in – just close your eyes and drift away in the waters.”

And the band says:

“One of those songs that came together quickly, “The Watchers” revolves around that bouncy, somewhat catchy yet heavy main riff, and we instantly felt that we wanted to keep it very straightforward. It has a rather traditional solo, so I guess you could say this is our take at a classic rock song. It is neither the most representative track off the album nor the least, but definitely a Domkraft cut. Lyrically, there was some inspiration from doing the Pink Floyd tracks for the upcoming Redux albums on Magnetic Eye. Read it as you wish, either a vivid scene taken from an imaginary dried-out post-apocalyptic wasteland – or an allegory of the state of the world today, where alternative “truths” reign over actually trying to understand the mechanisms of humanity in a totally short-sighted and fascist manner.”

DOMKRAFT’s “The Watchers” will be available as a digital single on September 28th, 2018.

FLOOD is available for pre-order at this location and releases on LP, CD and digital on October 19th via Blues Funeral Recordings, the new label helmed by MeteorCity (Spirit Caravan, Truckfighters, Nebula) co-founder and current Magnetic Eye Records Label Director Jadd Shickler.

Blues Funeral’s 2019 plans include new albums from HOWLING GIANT and SOLACE, and the groundbreaking subscription series POSTWAX that’s set to feature new release from artists including ELDER, LOWRIDER, SPOTLIGHTS, BESVÄRJELSEN, DAXMA, and MARK LANEGAN.