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DOMKRAFT announce forthcoming sophomore album, ‘Flood’

Musically, Sweden has always been exceptional at sensing and seizing upon significant moments. At a time when political chaos and societal unrest have deadened our senses, it takes a band with monolithic, hypnotic power to secure our attention and offer a mollifying score to civilization’s decline.

DOMKRAFT, whose name combines the Swedish “DOM” for judgement and “KRAFT” for power, are that gloriously massive and land-levelling band.

If debut album The End of Electricity (Magnetic Eye Records, 2016) was the soundtrack to the impending apocalypse, then follow-up Flood provides the musical backdrop to Armageddon in full, The Purge-style swing.

Wielding a mindbending soundscape of obeliskian riff-majesty, DOMKRAFT discharge layer upon layer of crushing fury, weaving through the wormhole punctures of spacetime in defiance of beginnings and endings.

A strong contender to dominate a style some are calling the New Wave of Swedish Doom Metal, the seeds for this Stockholm band were planted in Gothenburg, where bassist/singer Martin Wegeland, guitarist Martin Widholm and drummer Anders Dahlgren met while playing in various musical constellations.

Bonding over a fascination with sprawling, elliptical songs and the likes of Spacemen 3, Monster Magnet, Sleep and Hawkwind, the three came together after each relocated to Stockholm. They drew from the heaviest of their combined influences and crafted a sound that blends towering dirges of apocalyptic doom, mindbending psychedelia, and trance-inducing minimalism.

Majestic, annihilating, reductive and roaring, Flood merges blackwater tributaries from Neurois, YOB, Monolord, and Windhand into an all-encompassing torrent of nothingness and resignation… but in the grooviest, most appealing way imaginable.

No fan of blistering, melodic doom on earth should be without this record.

“Our songs build from one riff, played LOUD, then we add and lose parts to mold it into something powerful,” says bassist/vocalist Martin Wegeland. “Focusing on the dramaturgy of the songs, we have clear images in mind when writing, often inspired by films like Jake Paltrow’s Young Ones, Stephen Fingleton’s The Survivalist and (of course) The Road Warrior, though we never let it interfere with the groove and energy. The results of our songwriting method may differ in shape from one song to the next, but the foundation is always the same — repetition and volume! You’ll eventually get sick of every melody, but grooves are forever.”

DOMKRAFT Flood will be available on LP, CD and digital on October 19th, 2018 via Blues Funeral Recordings, the new label helmed by original MeteorCity (Spirit Caravan, Truckfighters, Nebula) cofounder Jadd Shickler.

Blues Funeral has several exciting projects in the works, including 2019 albums from HOWLING GIANT, SOLACE and LOWRIDER, and a groundbreaking subscription series called POSTWAX that is set to feature artists including ELDER, SPOTLIGHTS, BESVÄRJELSEN, SASQUATCH, DAXMA, and MARK LANEGAN.

DOMKRAFT will support the release of Flood with live sets at these festivals:

Höstsabbat, Oslo (Oct 5)
Desertfest Belgium, Antwerp (Oct 13)
Fall of Man, Munich (Nov 3)

And, in conjunction with the album’s release, Baltimore, Maryland’s Oliver Brewing will offer a DOMKRAFT ‘Flood’ double IPA in September as part of its Long Live Rock and Roll beer series, which has included themed beers for Monolord, The Great Electric Quest, Wo Fat and Summoner.

DOMKRAFT will also appear on Magnetic Eye Records’ massive Pink Floyd homage, THE WALL [REDUX]. Out in November, the song-by-song recreation and reimagining of the iconic Floyd double album features recognizable artists including The Melvins, Mark Lanegan, ASG, Pallbearer, Ruby the Hatchet and Scott Reeder, and includes DOMKRAFT’s rendition of the song, “Empty Spaces.”

Martin Wegeland – Bass/Vocals
Martin Widholm – Guitar
Anders Dahlgren – Drums