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CRYPTOPSY Drop Seizure-Inducing Video For Brand New Song ‘Sire Of Sin’

Canadian extreme metal legends CRYPTOPSY are something of an enigma. Having gotten their start way back in ’92, only a few short years after the birth of death metal, the band, nearly thirty years later, continue to out-brutalize bands half their age. That is some serious intestinal fortitude.

If you had any doubt, well, let’s put that to rest right now with the visually-stunning video for the brand new single, ‘Sire Of Sin’. The song is culled from the forthcoming EP, THE BOOK OF SUFFERING – TOME II. Regarding the video’s ocular-fucking objective, the guys lend context to their intent:

“We knew that the video had to be as chaotic as the song. To accomplish this we strived to remove all full band performance shots and replace them with extreme close-ups on individual members. In order to match the frantic pace of the music we challenged Chris Kells (director/editor/producer) to make a myriad of seamless edits between multiple angled and minimally lit shots. We must say that we are blown away with what he accomplished.”

Watch the video for ‘Sire Of Sin’ below!

Much like 2015’s critically-acclaimed THE BOOK OF SUFFERING – TOME I, TOME II, promises an inhuman musical journey that once again defies the universal laws of gravity, rhythm, vibration, polarity, and chaos. Almost unbelievably, Tome II amps up the chaos, delivering an even more ferocious and superior sounding experience, thanks in part to the knob-twiddling magic of long-time guitarist, Christian Donaldson.

Pre-orders of THE BOOK OF SUFFERING – TOME II are available now via CRYPTOPSY’s Bandcamp page as well as on iTunes. Upon pre-order, fans will receive a digital single of ‘Sire Of Sin’.

The Book Of Suffering – Tome II
RELEASE DATE: Oct 26th 2018

Cover art by Remy C from Headsplit Designs.

Produced, mixed and mastered by CRYPTOPSY guitarist, Chris Donaldson, at The Grid studio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

1. The Wretched Living
2. Sire Of Sin
3. Fear His Displeasure
4. The Laws Of The Flesh

‘THE BOOK OF SUFFERING – TOME II is some of the most intense, gnarly, brutal-yet-organic material we have written to date.’