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CRAFT reissue debut album, ‘Total Soul Rape’

Swedish black metal cult CRAFT will reissued their previously out-of-print, acclaimed debut album, ‘Total Soul Rape’. The reissue will be released worldwide on October 26. ‘Total Soul Rape’ can be pre-ordered across multiple CD, LP, and bundle formats here:

A cornerstone of the Swedish black metal scene, ‘Total Soul Rape’ is a bold and brazen collection of 9 tracks that established CRAFT as one of the angriest and most nihilistic entities in black metal. Tracks like “Death To Planet Earth”, “Ultimate Satan”, and the album’s ferocious title track are the blueprint for how extreme underground black metal should sound; with memorable riffs, chaotic drumming, and some of the most misanthropic vocals of all time. A wholly unrelenting black metal classic, ‘Total Soul Rape’ is a manifesto of absolute negativity that introduced CRAFT as unrivaled in their quest to be the most pessimistic, unforgiving, and aggressive band in metal. Death to planet Earth!

‘Total Soul Rape’ is streaming here:

Track List
1. World Of Plague
2. Death To Planet Earth
3. (Desolation) Death
4. Kill Everything
5. Ultimate Satan
6. Past, Present, Dead
7. Total Soul Rape
8. Vile
9. Outro

CRAFT previously released their newest album, ‘White Noise and Black Metal’. Their first new album in 7 years, White Noise and Black Metal’ sees the notorious and highly influential Swedish black metal band reclaiming their throne as one of the most intimidating and caustic entities in the underground. A cold and calculated attack on hope and the light, CRAFT spew nihilism and negativity in its purest forms. ‘White Noise and Black Metal’ is a true manifesto of hostility, and a testament to the genre’s most elite and uncompromising band!

‘White Noise and Black Metal’ is streaming here:

‘White Noise and Black Metal’ is available across CD and LP formats at the Season of Mist E-Shop:

The album art and track list for ‘White Noise and Black Metal’ can be found below:

Track List
1. The Cosmic Sphere Falls
2. Again
3. Undone
4. Tragedy of Pointless Games
5. Darkness Falls
6. Crimson
7. YHVH’s Shadow
8. White Noise

CRAFT embody the black metal virtue of raw spiritual energy expressed through violent, ripping guitar-work and unholy rhythms enhanced by demonic vocals. The Swedes have long enjoyed a massive cult status within underground circles.
Formed 20 years ago, CRAFT first gained notoriety through the release of their now acclaimed landmark album, ‘Total Soul Rape’ in 2000. The band further evolved their approach to extremity with the release of ‘Terror Propaganda’ (2002) and ‘F*ck the Universe’ (2005). Following a 6 year hiatus, the band returned in 2011 with their latest album, ‘Void’.