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Code Red Riot release new music video “Slide”

Rock band Code Red Riot’s music video for “Slide” features the four-piece performing in an industrial and post-apocalyptic setting. The video reflects the story “Slide” tells, illustrating an ongoing and emotionally straining, toxic relationship. Watch ABOVE.

“Slide” was written by Corky Gainsford, a drummer-turned-frontman who played drums in Otherwise and Blue Man Group. After writing music independently and forwarding self-recorded demos to industry contacts, he received almost entirely positive feedback and was encouraged to create a new band.

Code Red Riot’s debut album “Mask,” was released on June 29, 2018, and illustrates Gainsford’s journey as an artist. While Gainsford has previously written music, his messages were always spoken by another. In becoming Code Red Riot’s singer and emerging from behind a drum set, he is removing a mask that he had been wearing throughout his musical career.

Over the last decade, Gainsford has also worked as a producer, songwriter, and recording engineer. Gainsford had all the knowledge and preparation necessary to follow in the footsteps of Dave Grohl.

Listen to Code Red Riot’s debut album here: Also check out their video for their previous single, “Living Low”: