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BRANT BJORK reissues of “Tres Dias” and “Local Angel”

BRANT BJORK has spent over a quarter-century at the epicenter of Californian desert rock. From cutting his teeth alongside Fatso Jetson’s Mario Lalli in hardcore punkers De-Con to drumming and composing on Kyuss’ landmark early albums, to propelling the seminal fuzz of Fu Manchu from 1994-2001 while producing other bands, putting together offshoot projects like Ché, embarking on his solo career as a singer, guitarist and bandleader, founding his own record label and more, his history is a winding narrative of relentless, unflinching creativity.

“Tres Dias” is the fifth solo album released by the godfather of desert rock BRANT BJORK. The album was recorded in Joshua Tree, California, before Christmas 2006. This 8-track album is a mix of old and new tracks. “Tres Dias” was produced, recorded, and mixed by Tony Mason at Back of the Moon Studios, Joshua Tree, CA in 2007.

1. Too Many Chiefs…
2. Love Is My Revolution
3. Chinarosa
4. The Native Tongue
5. Video
6. Right Time
7. The Messengers
8. The Knight Surrenders Today
New artwork by Marcello “Rise Above” Crescenzi

1. Beautiful Flowers
2. Hippie
3. Chico
4. The Feelin’
5. Bliss Ave.
6. Fly to Haiti
7. You’re Alright
8. Spanish Files
9. She’s Only Tryin’
10. The Good Fight
New artwork by Maarten Donders

“Local Angel” is the fourth solo album by desert rock godfather, Kyuss and Fu Manchu legend BRANT BJORK. It is considered as his most intimate, peaceful and laid back record to date, mixing acoustic guitars and haunting melodies. Take a step back into the groove of the desert, tracks alike the folk of “Beautiful Powers”, the classic rock in “The Feelin’” to the laid back psychedelic funk of “Hippie”, “Local Angel” was a soul spirit that stands alone in Brant’s catalogue and outside of it.

“Local Angel” has been produced by BRANT BJORK and Tony Mason. This Brant Bjork classic has been recorded and mixed at Rancho de la Luna in February 2004 and was mastered by Mathias Cornelius von Schneeberger at Donnor & Blitzen.