Band Mistaken For Being Golden Girls Themed Ends Up Covering Show’s Theme Song

Jacksonville, FL-based metal band Appalachian Death Trap recently made headlines for being billed as a Golden Girls-themed band. This stems from guitarist Bradley Alcorn not knowing what to put as their bio online and a local St. Augustine newspaper thinking it was serious. Granted, Appalachian Death Trap isn’t the first to put something ridiculous and unrelated as their bio, but for them it ended up working out pretty well.

Here’s the bio for reference.

“Appalachian Death Trap is a band from Jacksonville. They have two albums that are available for download on their bandcamp website, their music is primarily rock and heavy metal. Although all members are male, their songs tell the stories of four older women who have been divorced or widowed and are now roommates. Together they play their music all around Florida, in Orlando, Tampa, Orange Park, St. Augustine, and especially Jacksonville.”

Now Appalachian Death Trap has decided to lean into the joke and cover the Golden Girls theme song, and pretty well! Because hey, you need to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes.

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